Scourge of the apologist, the great Aron Ra

aronra_quote_re_ignoranceScourge of the apologist, the great Aron Ra, a fellow Texan (well, I’m a native, and my first 40 years, but moved to Missouri in ’07) who recently became a friend of mine on Facebook, stomping the logical fallacies of religion into the ground. This is the one guy who the religious don’t want to match intellects with, probably the top atheist speaker out there right now, I highly recommend his channel and various videos ( With people like him, perhaps we might end this century having once and for all seen the elimination of religions, placing their last vestiges into the realm of other bygone mythologies, along with their malignant effect on our societies.
aroAs Editor of Computer Magazine, and my involvement in Technology companies and other projects, my “heretical” non-beliefs aren’t always good for my profession, and certainly make you unpopular in the “bible belt,” but my hope one day is that the term “atheist” will be as irrelevant and meaningless as a term that would suggest you don’t believe in the tooth fairy, or that you are a non-stamp collector. When current religions enter the realm of mythology just as beliefs in Ahura Mazda and Zeus have done, such a term will loose it’s meaning, and rationality will be common place.

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Aron Ra dissecting the religi-fool Mike Pence

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Help stamp out ignorance, the belief in silly mythologies and superstition – and the evil those fallacies and mental deficiencies cause – help stamp out RELIGION!

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