Bart Ehrman vs. Robert Price

Dr. Bart Ehrman makes an excellent case for the historical existence of a “Jesus” in his various lectures, books, and his recent debate with Dr. Robert Price at The Mythicist Milwaukee show on October 21, 2016, moderated by Matt Dillahunty. I’ve always been on the fence as to whether a historical Jesus existed or not, but to me it has never really mattered, because whether he was some real, but delusional, dude who got killed by the Romans, or whether he was pure invention by a cult of kooks, going any further, to me, is going down the rabbit hole a bit too much on something that’s just silliness either way you slice it. Bart Ehrman is a very educated and intelligent professor in this subject and makes excellent points – by the way his learning turned him from an evangelical to an atheist (which rather demonstrates my point), he typically debates other people, apologists, on the minutia of Christianity, which to me is getting in just a bit too deep, a bit like debating if superman and batman fought what would be the outcome? Excellent arguments on both sides. I think you have to pay still to watch the debate, err, of course like everything there’s other places to watch it apparently, and very interesting.

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