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The Reason Institute – Spreading truth, education, science, and logic while kicking the ass out of the fallacious brain-crap that is destroying this society – malignant mythical, nonsensical, childish beliefs in magic and sky gods that has been indoctrinated into the masses from childhood, greedy “conservative” horse shit that is hoodwinking the public while under the hood ripping off the masses, oppressive government officials and corporate executives bilking the middle class and poor in our world while stuffing their pockets with billions upon billions, fucked up laws and a broken justice system that is railroading and strangling citizens, and all the other crazy crap going on in this world that defies sanity, logic, compassion or REASON!


Ship in a bottle – or, The Simulation theory for a belief in “God”

There’s really only one way that I can think of to get to a rational belief in a “God” – as in anthropomorphic magical djinni in the sky casting lightning bolts and magically waving things into existence without the benefit of a human body and brain. A belief that defies mature common sense (and should be an immediate disqualifier for anyone running for political office, as it’s a form of mental illness in adulthood), and otherwise is in the realm of fairy tales along with Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, etc. and long dispelled mythologies that now exist purely in a historical and literary context such as the Greek Mythologies of Zeus, etc. (and we can only hope the abrahamic religions will soon join them there) – and that would be through the concepts in the paper by Nick Bostrom for instance (“Are you living in a Computer Simulation” This is not a new concept, various elements of it have been discussed in various forms for a long time, in science fiction and otherwise (note the end part of the Start Trek NG episode “ship in a bottle.”

Nick Bostrom wrote a famous paper that collected these concepts in a compelling proposal that is a worthy read, but of course from the Matrix and Star Trek and other movies and books it’s been discussed for a long time, mainly in Scifi, but deduced in Computer Science realms for a long time as well. The fact that your child is running “The Sims” on your desktop computer, along with extrapolating “Moore’s Law” for computing power doubling every 18 months that has more or less kept pace for some 30 years now, we can see that it would be no problem some decades forward that your 10 year old will be running simulations in some game on his, well, whatever portable consumer computing device exists by then, that fully simulates entire realities populated with full conscience beings with intellects equal to ours that think themselves in a simulation. In that case, your 10 year old will be the “God”, acting every bit as capriciously as the “Christian” God acts in this reality (ahem, again, assuming such a being, and only in the case that we are in fact running in a simulation)

My name is Chris Swearingin and I am the Director of The Reason Institute. Let’s work to educate, and hopefully relegate current organized religion to the realm of bygone mythologies and fairy-tales, these scams that are run by con artists and institutions infecting our young peoples minds with magical mystical nonsense, and instead of devoting those resources to true education in Science and Logic. Join me at The Reason Institute.

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Christopher Swearingin, Director of The Reason Institute

Our “afterlife” is what we do for the worlds future

I don’t believe in an “afterlife” in the sense of some supernatural disembodied “soul” or consciousness that is teleported to a magical sky-island managed by a grey-bearded overlord once we die. BUT, I do believe we all have an afterlife – and that afterlife is in what we pay forward to the world today. Our children, who will carry our genetics through succeeding generations, which is the physical part of our “after life”, but more importantly, carry forward the lessons, morality, love and passion for learning, growth and giving that we have the opportunity to share with them. What we offer to the world today, are the seeds of our afterlife we plant for tomorrow and future generations.

Congruent with that mindset, I don’t consider myself an “atheist”, no, that is too tame a term for my tastes, I consider myself an “anti-theist”, in that not only do I NOT believe in bronze-age superstitions, magic or mythologies, but I actually believe that religion is a poison and hindrance to our “afterlife” by distracting us, our mindset, our resources, efforts and life-mission, into preparing for a mythical fantasy-land, and following like sheep a book cobbled together by illiterate bronze age cult leaders, rather than focusing on doing good in, and for, the world today, in the HERE AND NOW, and applying our resources in that effort, rather than donating money to cult institutions such as churches run by master manipulators selling an invisible fairy tale god and fantasy amusement park in the sky for the deceased.

Love those around you, care, give to those around you, instill a passion for learning and science in yourself and your children, and pay it forward – THAT is your after life!

My name is Chris Swearingin, and I am the Director of The Reason Institute. Join me there.

“With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”
― Steven Weinberg


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If you must pray to something that doesn’t exist, “pray” to something worthy of your praise – LOGIC.


As we gather on this Thanksgiving with friends and family, joining hands together and saying a prayer to your chosen mythical deity, whisper below your breath “Thanks, Spock”, in honor of a mythical figure who ACTUALLY promoted something honorable and valuable to mankind – LOGIC.


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